It’s officially spooky season. What’s in store for the ‘fellaz?

3 min readOct 1, 2021

October/spooky season/Deadfellaz month is officially here, and boy do we have a lot going on. The development of our estate in Decentraland is in full swing, with exciting progress. We have partnerships and collaborations, airdrops, contests, community events and more. The month will culminate with our show-stopping Metaverse Halloween party — Deadfellaz: Infected. So lets get stuck in:

Decentraland Estate Development: Deadzone 13

Shortly after our sell-out launch, we purchased a 24 plot estate in Decentraland with the intention of creating a Metaverse home for the horde. We envisioned a dark, post apocalyptic, gotham-esque city with clubs, galleries, stores and games. We onboarded a solid, 4-person strong dev team who have been hard at work under the guidance of Psych, and we are so excited to share the teaser gif with you. More developments to Deadzone 13 will be shared soon, with token gated access to check out the development yourself soon to be available.

OnCyber Collaborative Partnership & Draw the Undead Contest Winners Auction.

We are thrilled to announce a collaborative partnership with OnCyber — who we are working with to create an official Deadfellaz inspired gallery setting. This will soon be available to purchase via OnCyber’s ‘Factory Collection’ — giving you the opportunity to display your NFT’s in the Metaverse, horde-style.

Our top 20 winners of the ‘Draw The Undead’ contest will each receive this gallery setting for free, and a whitelist will be made available for all Deadfellaz holders prior to public release. We will mark the release of this gallery setting with an exhibition and auction of all top 20 winners of the Draw The Undead contest, dates and further details to be announced.

Community Contests

October is a month packed with community contests. All specific information regarding contests will be announced in our discord. Here is a brief run down and schedule:

  • 1st October: Memefellaz Contest. An opportunity to flex your internet humour and provide the horde with lols. There will be a community voted winner for holders and a winner for non-holders.
  • 4th October: Song Contest with guest judges, Pussy Riot & Doksan of CHVRCHES: Create a Deadfellaz inspired song of any genre. One winner will receive 3ETH and a Deadfellaz NFT. 3 runners up will receive 0.5ETH and a Deadfellaz NFT each. All winning songs will be played at our Metaverse Halloween Party, Deadfellaz: Infected.
  • 4th October: Headhunterz. A pfp based investigative/treasure hunt style contest. Details to follow in discord.
  • 11th October: Pumpkin Carving Contest. Carve your best Deadfellaz inspired pumpkin, top 3 winners receive a Deadfellaz NFT.
  • 18th October: ‘I am my ‘fella, my ‘fella is me’ Contest: Cosplay as your ‘fella. Top 3 winners receive a Deadfellaz NFT. A non-holders category will also run, with one winner picked to receive a Deadfellaz NFT.

Mystery Drops and Unannounced Partnerships

? 👀

Metaverse Halloween Party: Deadfellaz Infected.

Halloween 2021 will see Deadfellaz host a token-gated Metaverse Halloween party at their Decentraland estate on the 29th October, featuring the following artists as collaborators:

  • Ghxsts
  • Cool Cats
  • KidEight
  • MarktheHabibi
  • Diela
  • Stephy Fung
  • Nook
  • Smoochies
  • Brisseaux
  • Gossamer
  • FatBaby
  • ROMbrandt
  • Amrit Pal Singh/ Toy Faces

The event will feature live music, panel discussions, raffles, galleries and more. Stay tuned for more updates, in the meantime read more details here.

Wen Q4 Drop?

Between Halloween & Christmas.

Stay Spooky,

Betty & Psych.