Deadfellaz: Infected | Metaverse Halloween Event.

2 min readSep 11, 2021

Halloween 2021 will see Deadfellaz host a token-gated Metaverse Halloween party at their Decentraland estate on the 29th October, featuring the following artists as collaborators:

  • Ghxsts
  • Cool Cats
  • KidEight
  • MarktheHabibi
  • Diela
  • Stephy Fung
  • Nook
  • Smoochies
  • Brisseaux
  • Gossamer
  • FatBaby
  • ROMbrandt
  • Amrit Pal Singh/ Toy Faces

The event will feature live music, panel discussions, raffles, galleries and more.


Deadfellaz are producing 13 unique sets of ‘infected’ Deadfellaz in collaboration with each of the 13 guest artists. The airdrops will happen one set per day over the 13 days leading up to the event (adding up to a total of 169 individual tokens being dropped).

Each airdrop will be a randomised distribution of 13 tokens — they will be divided into 3 grades (8 Fresh, 4 Damaged & 1 Rotten). All collaborative NFTs will be minted via a new DeadFellaz: Infected ERC721 smart contract/collection.

The drops for our collaborations with Cool Cats & Ghxsts will require you to be a duel holder (eg. DF + CC) to be air drop eligible. They will self define which of their NFTs qualify you (TBA SOON) — !! You do not need to attend the Decentraland event to be eligible for these air drops.

13 Infected Collaborations.

Each guest artist will be creating a 1/1 Deadfellaz inspired artwork to be displayed within the virtual space’s gallery. Each of these artworks will be held by each guest artist to be held/raffled/sold as they choose.

How to Attend.

This event is token-gated to Deadfellaz holders only. You will receive information on how to attend closer to the event. Decentraland is free to use. In the meantime, to learn more about Decentraland, please visit

We will be following up with a guide on how to use Decentraland as we approach the event.

To connect with the horde and learn more about Deadfellaz, join our discord: