Deadfellaz Infected Season 2

4 min readOct 28, 2022


Every Halloween, Deadfellaz ‘infects’ the work of other artists, producing a unique body of collaborative work that pays tribute to the ethos of Web3, Deadfellaz, and the brilliant talent found in the space. Participating artists are given the task of creating a Deadfellaz inspired piece in their own style — these pieces are then minted or distributed in whatever way each artist decides (this article will be updated with exact details including official links).

In turn, our co-founder and lead artist Psych creates a collection of Deadfellaz inspired by the participating artists. These NFTs are airdropped to random holders of Deadfellaz, chosen fairly via Chainlink. See Infected S1 here.

How it works

Each of the 14 participating artists have 5 tokens within the Infected S2 collection created from their likeness or art.
1 Fresh Grade Blue Background version
1 Fresh Grade Orange Background version
1 Damaged Grade Pink Background version
1 Damaged Grade Purple Background version
1 Rotten Grade Charcoal Background version

These 70 tokens are randomly air dropped at random to Deadfellaz 10K holders.

There are 13 ‘shadows’ in S2 which can be redeemed for a custom ‘fella.
3 are dropped to the winners of draw the undead 22
3 are dropped at random to Deadfellaz 10K holders
3 are dropped to 10K holders that also hold Deadfrenz
1 is dropped to Deadfrenz holders
1 is dropped to Betty Pop Horror holders
2 are kept for DFZ treasury for future distribution

14 ‘honorary’ tokens will be minted to a separate Honoraries collection, each of these tokens will feature a light green background and will forever belong to the artist themselves. This collection is reserved for people or teams that Deadfellaz works with in a meaningful way.

Snapshot is any time between now and the 31st October.

Airdrops will take place 5pm PST, 31st October.

Halloween 2021 saw Deadfellaz collaborate with 14 incredible artists and communities including Ghxsts , Cool Cats, Stephy Fung and more. This year we are back with Infected S2, a new line up of incredible collabs, and a new collection of exclusive Deadfellaz inspired by the artists.

Shadowfellaz will be able to redeem an exclusive personalised fella. This can only be redeemed once per shadowfella.

Without further ado, lets introduce this year’s Infected artists:


ThankYouX, Deadfellaz Infected S2
ThankYoufella by Psych, Infected S2

Yosnier “occurences”

Yosnier, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Yosnierfella by Psych, Infected S2

Claire Silver

Claire Silver, Deadfellaz Infected S2.
ClaireSilverFella by Psych, Infected S2

Shinsei Galverse

Shinsei Galverse, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Galversefella by Psych, Infected S2

The Haas Brothers

The Haas Brothers, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Haasfella by Psych, Infected S2

Killer Acid for Ledger

Killer Acid for Ledger, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Ledgerfella by Psych, Infected S2

Vinnie Hager

Vinnie Hager, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Vinniefella by Psych, Infected S2

Klara Vollstaedt

Klara Vollstaedt, Deadfellaz Infected S2
klarafella by Psych, Infected S2

Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Shinodafella by Psych, Infected S2

Emonee LaRussa

Emonee LaRussia, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Emoneefella by Psych, Infected S2

Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Ricardofella by Psych, Infected S2


J’Von, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Loserfella by Psych, Infected S2

Claire Salvo

Claire Salvo, Deadfellaz Infected S2
Salvofella by Psych, Infected S2

Jonathan Foerster/ At Least We Dream

Foersterfella by Psych, Infected S2