Deadfellaz Halloween: Decentraland Exhibit, Metaverse Party, Steve Aoki Concert.

5 min readOct 29, 2021

We’ve got a packed weekend of !vibes to celebrate Halloween horde style - buckle up:

Friday 29th 6.30pm est: Twitter Spaces w Deadfellaz & frens.

Friday 29 7pm est: Most Deadfellaz Infected Collaboration pieces are available to buy or bid.

Friday 29 7.30pm est: Opening of DeadZone13, Decentraland.

Friday 29– Sunday 31/7.30pm est: Token Gated Halloween Party in DeadZone13 ft WUKI, Tim Baresko, Jasmine Solano, Claire Salvo, SVLT. Deadfellaz Infected Exhibit ft 14 collaborating artists (see below).

Saturday 30th all day: Club sets continue, Deadhunterz in discord, giveaways, !vibes.

Saturday 30th 7pm est: Horde Halloween Twitch stream w Orphan & Yung Content in Orphan’s Attic.

Sunday 31st 5pm EST: Songs of the Dead Contest winners announced.

Sunday 31st 7pm EST — Thursday 4th 7pm EST: Steve Aoki — exclusive Deadfellaz concert for the Deadfellaz & Aoki NFT communities.

Accessing DeadZone13

To access our city, visit Decentraland via this link. Connect your wallet to sign into the website, ensuring you hold at least one Deadfellaz in that wallet. You’re in! If you have trouble with performance, try lowering the graphics settings.

Outside the gates of DeadZone13 — the Deadfellaz Decentraland City.


Exclusive sets from WUKI, Jasmine Solano, Tim Baresko, SVLT and Claire Salvo will be streamed via our underground club in DeadZone13 for 48 hours on loop. You can come and go as you please, no need to worry about missing your favourite act.

Sunday night/Halloween will then see Steve Aoki play an exclusive set for Deadfellaz and Aoki NFT holders. This set will stream on a loop until the 4th November 7pm est. For more information on how to access this event click here.

Infected Exhibit

We have been honoured to collaborate with 14 beloved artists for our Metaverse Halloween event — we interpreted each of the artists as limited edition ‘fellaz. These are to be randomly airdropped to Deadfellaz holders.

A portion of our Deadfellaz: Infected collection, representing beloved artists and collections within the NFT space.

In turn, collaborating artists created a piece inspired by Deadfellaz to be exhibited within DeadZone 13 (our Decentraland development).

Each artist/collection is distributing their piece differently. Some are editions, some are auctions, some are airdrops. To help you navigate you way to your favourite piece, we have put together this handy guide:.


Ghxsts tribute to Deadfellaz.

Sold as 100 editions at less than .2eth, head here.

Cool Cats

Cool Cat X Deadfellaz by Cool Cats artist, Clon.

This piece will be auctioned off as a 1/1 for charity via the Cool Cats Collabs collection.

Kid Eight

Kid Eight’s D’EVOLfella, inspired by Deadfellaz.

Listing details TBA.

Mark the Habibi

HabibiFella: Deadfellaz as interpreted by Mark the Habibi

This piece will be sold as a 1/1 via a 24hour auction, starting at 0.1eth. The auction winner will be awarded a Generation: Habibi Mint Pass.


Robotos X Deadfellaz as interpreted by Pablo Stanley.

This piece will be dropped to everyone who holds both a Deadfellaz AND Robotos NFT.


Deadfellaz interpreted by FatBaby (ft Clever Girls).

This piece will be sold at auction as a 1/1 with a starting price of 1ETH Available here.


Deadfellaz as interpreted by NOOK

This piece will be sold as 30 editions at .13eth/each via Known Origin. Available on Halloween/ 31st Oct.

Stephy Fung

An interpretation of Deadfellaz by Stephy Fung.

50 limited editions at 0.2eth available on OpenSea.

Amrit Pal Singh | Toy Faces

A special Edition Toy Face by Amrit Pal Singh inspired by Deadfellaz.

33 editions of the Deadfellaz Toy Face will be available via private sale only. These will be decided based off of the whitelist that was made open to Deadfellaz holders, and has since closed.


SMOOCHIE — THE PSYCHO by Andreas Ivan AKA Smoochies

This piece will be sold as 50 editions at 0.18eth/each via Opensea.


Betty as interpreted by Gossamer.

This piece will be sold as a 1/1 24hour auction with a reserve of 0.1eth via OpenSea.


Deadfellaz as interpreted by Brisseaux.

This piece will be sold as a 1 of 1 release on Foundation with a starting bid at .25 ETH. Available here.


‘ZOMbrandt’ ROMbrandt x Deadfellaz. Oil on Linen Panel 12 X 12

‘ ZOMbrandt’ is an oil on linen panel, 12 x 12 and is both an NFT and physical piece. Available via auction on Known Origin — reserve price 2ETH.


Deadfellaz as interpreted by DIELA

This piece will be sold as 33 editions at 0.13 eth. Available here.

Happy Halloween, LFG,

Betty & Psych