Deadfellaz Halloween: Decentraland Exhibit, Metaverse Party, Steve Aoki Concert.

Accessing DeadZone13

Outside the gates of DeadZone13 — the Deadfellaz Decentraland City.


Infected Exhibit

A portion of our Deadfellaz: Infected collection, representing beloved artists and collections within the NFT space.


Ghxsts tribute to Deadfellaz.

Cool Cats

Cool Cat X Deadfellaz by Cool Cats artist, Clon.

Kid Eight

Kid Eight’s D’EVOLfella, inspired by Deadfellaz.

Mark the Habibi

HabibiFella: Deadfellaz as interpreted by Mark the Habibi


Robotos X Deadfellaz as interpreted by Pablo Stanley.


Deadfellaz interpreted by FatBaby (ft Clever Girls).


Deadfellaz as interpreted by NOOK

Stephy Fung

An interpretation of Deadfellaz by Stephy Fung.

Amrit Pal Singh | Toy Faces

A special Edition Toy Face by Amrit Pal Singh inspired by Deadfellaz.


SMOOCHIE — THE PSYCHO by Andreas Ivan AKA Smoochies


Betty as interpreted by Gossamer.


Deadfellaz as interpreted by Brisseaux.


‘ZOMbrandt’ ROMbrandt x Deadfellaz. Oil on Linen Panel 12 X 12


Deadfellaz as interpreted by DIELA

Happy Halloween, LFG,

Betty & Psych



An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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