Deadfellaz Halloween — Infected S2, Dim Mak, DeadZone LA recap, and Metaverse Party.

4 min readOct 31, 2022


DeadZone LA, Halloween 2022. Brought to you by Deadfellaz, Gala, Ledger and produced by Mirrored Media.

Its officially Halloween! We have had a jam-packed Hordetober full of collaborations, activations, art, community and of course, DeadZone LA. We collaborated with Wrangler, Dim Mak, DraftKings, held community contests, announced an impending collaboration with Ledger Market, launched our voxelfellaz in The Sandbox and began a relationship with Gala.

DeadZone LA saw the Horde and friends of the Horde descend on DTLA for a night of music, food, games and community. Produced by incredible LA based production company, Mirrored Media — in collaboration with Deadfellaz, Gala and Ledger, with support from UTA, party goers were invited into the world of Deadfellaz to get a taste of what the Horde is all about. Fire breathers, performers, a set from our friends at Emo Nite, and incredible LA-local food trucks kept people entertained and having fun. Exclusive previews of unreleased merch was also available at the event — including our Dim Mak collection (dropping TOMORROW) and the Deadfellaz x Wrangler denim jacket and black tee were also showcased and available.

Photos from the event (and DFZ NYC) will be uploaded to a dedicated DeadZone page shortly.

Now lets dive into ending the month with a bang, because as usual — we have more for you:

Here’s a run down…

31st October, 5pm PST — Infected S2 Drop

Deadfellaz Infected S2

Our yearly, limited collaborative collection inspired by multiple artists in the space is once again ready to go live! This year we are joined by greats such as ThankYouX, Klara Vollstaedt, Yosnier, Claire Silver and more! Learn more about this drop here.

Here are the basic run-down of the mechanics:

Each of the 14 participating artists have 5 tokens within the Infected S2 collection created from their likeness or art.
1 Fresh Grade Blue Background version
1 Fresh Grade Orange Background version
1 Damaged Grade Pink Background version
1 Damaged Grade Purple Background version
1 Rotten Grade Charcoal Background version

These 70 tokens are randomly air dropped at random to Deadfellaz 10K holders.

There are 13 ‘shadows’ in S2 which can be redeemed for a custom ‘fella.
3 are dropped to the winners of draw the undead 22
3 are dropped at random to Deadfellaz 10K holders
3 are dropped to 10K holders that also hold Deadfrenz
1 is dropped to Deadfrenz holders
1 is dropped to Betty Pop Horror holders
2 are kept for DFZ treasury for future distribution
Shadow fellaz can be used to claim a 1/1 S2 Deadfella in collaboration with Psych from the 13th November

The coveted ‘shadowfella’

14 ‘honorary’ tokens will be minted to a separate Honoraries collection, each of these tokens will feature a light green background and will forever belong to the artist themselves. This collection is reserved for people or teams that Deadfellaz works with in a meaningful way.


Airdrops will take place 5pm PST, 31st October. If you are one of the lucky recipients, make sure to share your Infected ‘Fella with us on social media.


As with all drops and events, opportunists may use this moment to take advantage of the excitement and impulsivity that can occur. Please always be mindful that our team will never DM you with links, ask you for sensitive information, or ask you to complete tasks. Airdrops happen automatically and you do not need to do anything to claim. Please refer to official links.

Official Collection Links:

Deadfellaz Infected S2
Deadfellaz 10k Collection

Deadfellaz Deadfrenz
Deadfellaz Infected S1
Betty Pop Horror

Dim Mak x Deadfellaz Collection Release

The Deadfellaz x Dim Mak” custom capsule collection, which was custom designed by Deadfellaz Co-Founders Betty and Psych and Steve Aoki, and illustrated by Deadfellaz illustrator Leon Lee, will include skate decks, tees and hoodies.

Steve Aoki wearing Deadfellaz x Dim Mak

The centerpiece of the collection is an extremely rare, limited-edition varsity jacket available exclusively to A0k1verse and Deadfellaz holders, each jacket will be microchipped to redeem a twin asset of the jacket, as a digital wearable.

Betty wearing Deadfellaz x Dim Mak at DeadZone LA
Betty wearing Deadfellaz x Dim Mak at DeadZone LA

Skateboards and the varsity jacket are limited to Deadfellaz, Deadfrenz, and Aok1verse holders, with a purchase limit of 1 each. Shirts and hoodies are available to all.


Tuesday, Nov 1st at 9 am pst

Official collection link: Deadfellaz x Dim Mak

Deadfellaz Metaverse Party

DFZ Halloween graveyard rave with Webb3. Featuring Poaps & Prizes. The current Early-access alpha is open for ALL PLAYERS. Deadfellaz 10k holders will be able to play as their pixelfellaz.


31st October, 8pm EST for 24hrs.
Play now:

Whats Coming Up?

ALOT. Some we can talk about now, some we can’t JUST yet. Stay tuned for our Wrangler release (spy some teasers of the merch from our party highlights), and look out for more information on our collaboration with Ledger Market.