The Last Roadmap

3 min readMay 14, 2022


Here we are, our 1st Friday the 13th since launch. Today marks us breaking into the next phase of an unfolding vision for the Deadfellaz brand.

While roadmaps are valuable, from this point forward we will be moving to ongoing dev blogs and releasing access upon completion of checkpoints to avoid being front-run on our innovations.

DAO OF THE DEAD will focus on empowering holders to create and brand using their DFZ token IP. Interactions within the DAO will focus on opt-in creative endeavours, access to group-funded creative projects & showcasing the strength of the DF brand through DAO voted artist residencies.

DAO OF THE DEAD artist residency applications will open soon.

DFZ continues to push into leading metaverse platforms as they develop their building capabilities. We are partnering with like-minded brands to create enjoyable and immersive experiences within platforms like The Sandbox to showcase the validity of the metaverse and facilitate positive brand entries into web3.

As a leading NFT brand we have a duty to remain true to our launch vision while we aggressively scale, we’re planting roots to continue to activate our diverse community and the art based, inclusive NFT creator economy we came from. We will also continue to educate a continually expanding space on security and best practices for NFTs so that we can all continue to safely navigate the tumultuous world of defi & NFTs.

Working with brilliant Web3 innovators and Web2 professionals, we will continue to create interoperable assets that spread the DFZ brand into all areas of digital & interactive. True interoperability doesn’t stay only within the metaverse.

We are working with industry leading product designers and engineers to overhaul the DFZ digital presence and create integral tech for facilitating our vision for NFTs, interoperability & gamification. While much of this will be proprietary, we are building to create solutions to universal NFT needs and will open-source or allow access via sustainable SaaS models where possible.

Metawrapping and the DFZ TCG (Trading Card Game) frameworks will be developed as part of these new tech IPs.

An integral part of the Deadfellaz mission, aside from cementing ourselves as a culturally significant global brand, is to create an environment in which the wider NFT community can flourish and benefit from our developments as we do.

While this is a fairly high overview of our immediate and future developments — due to the retirement of the roadmap model we will be continually updating through dev blogs to keep the community up to date in real time.