The DF10K & PFP Metawrapping

4 min readMar 4, 2022


3 Versions of Psych (Pixel, OG & 3D Sculpt)

Our vision from the very start of launching the DF10K has been the creation of a brand, community and movement that evolves the concepts of identity, anonymity, web3 and interoperability.

A large part of that has been the acquisition and kick-off of building/integration within DF owned metaverse assets such as:

- Sandbox (6x6 Premium Estate)
- Decentraland (4x6 Estate)
- Webb3 (Medium Apartment + Penthouse)
- NFTWorlds (Single Land)
- Nifty Islands (Totem Island)

The Chibi Fellaz are the mobile game friendly version of 3D Fellaz and are being made for easy integration with mobile/web based gaming platforms inside and outside of web3.

As Deadfellaz have been acquiring Metaverse land, we have also been building with multiple groups the versions of DF that would represent us within those worlds. Mostly informed by the graphical framework of each platform.

These include but are not limited to:
- Pixel Deadfellaz
- Voxel Deadfellaz
- 3D Chibi Deadfellaz
- 3D Deadfellaz

An example of a possible Voxel Fella PFP render.
The Voxel ‘fellaz generative features every DF trait in full body voxel format.
The Voxel ‘fellaz base model will be able to integrate will the majority of TSB items, meaning you’ll be able to add additional wearables from the platform to your Deadfella.

The use for these worlds that we are creating within expand way past social interaction, as each platform, such as Nifty Islands or Decentraland have their own frameworks being built for markets, PvP & P2E ecosystems. This means that as ‘fellaz create their own flourishing metaverse communities within each particular platform, we feel that holders should be able to represent themselves in whatever form that they most relate and regularly connect with.

This is why we are working with our partners at Props Labs to introduce PFP Metawrapping to the DF10K collection.

Deadfella Rank #1 in pixel ‘fella form
Pixel ‘fellaz are fully animated and feature every DF trait in full body with all degrades reflected in the visuals.

What’s PFP Metawrapping?

It’s a new term we coined to describe our wrapping of PFPs in various metaverse graphic styles. As we create the different interpretations of the 10K for metaverse platform integration, we want holders to gain access to those generative assets in PFP form through a means that doesn’t dilute the original collection, so as each version of the 10K is completed for integration, they will also have an associated generative avatar created and pinned to each DF10K, mirroring the exact traits that they hold — but in the new style.

3D Fella “PSYCH” Concept sculpt by Maddy & Cody, the DF 3D concept leads.
3D Fella “BETTY” Concept sculpt by Maddy & Cody, the DF 3D concept leads.

This means that Deadfellaz can rep their metaverse communities in (eg. Sandbox or Webb3) via their Deadfella PFP and connect with each other knowing they share an interest in that platform. It also provides a visual and public facing link to the utility that each token holds, so there will never be a question of which platforms we are integrated with — holders will simply check the list of wrapping options and know where they can visit as their DF.

“Essentially, you’ll be able to transform your Deadfella PFP art into whatever metaverse style PFP you want while keeping current traits and supply intact. The really cool thing is that as the web3 space evolves and more worlds open up, wrapping options can expand with it, the potential is limitless”
- Betty & Psych

This will all be made accessible via an online portal. Specifics to the contract and wrapping mechanics are ‘under wraps’ for now — but we plan to roll out this functionality at the end of Q2 2022 as the estimated 3D Fellaz production timeline completes.

Deadfrenz Metawrapping will be then be developed in the same way, but their individual use cases within each platform vary due to rigging currently being mostly focussed on humanoid characters. As this changes, we will be ready.

It’s important to mention that this rollout has no minting or claiming costs. There will likely be a gas cost to wrap that we minimise as much as possible. All versions of a fella travel together, so when buying or selling Deadfellaz, the access to wraps specific to that fella go with them automatically.

Outside the web3 worldWhile we love crypto & web3, a whole glorious world exists outside of it and we plan to bridge Deadfellaz to it as much as possible. Traditional gaming studios, Live2D Avatar Animation studios, Comic studios and Media production studios are all looped into the ecosystem producing these metaverse versions of the ‘fellaz. So while we’ll be everywhere in the metaverse — we’re not taking our eyes off existing popular media and communities that we know and love.

Want to be a Twitch streamer as your Deadfella?
Yes? Well it’s all in the works and will have details in our next article.