RIP TCGs: Pre-access Vault Sale Goes Live 8th September.

5 min readSep 6, 2023


Over the last two years our developments at DFZ have been a mix of tech focused on evolving our origins as a PFP project based on arts & culture. This saw us ship a mix of creative (hologram rigs) and interoperability assets (pixelfellaz, voxelfellaz etc) — but our ultimate goal has always been one thing, our own gaming product.

Why gaming?

It’s the best positioned market for us to produce an incredible product that has real use cases for web3 tech, utilises DFZ IP and create a valuable endpoint for all of our interlinking efforts to flow into. Also, we just f*cking love gaming & TCGs.

September 8th

is the moment that DFZ launches full tilt into the realm of gaming with active development of a digital TCG that redefines what it means to play a TCG — Code Named: RIP TCG (official title and creative TBA).


is a fast, violent & cinematic digital trading card game. We’re creating an adrenaline fuelled evolution of the TCG genre — built by gamers, for gamers. Designed to reshape conceptions of the card based tabletop gaming experience, it will bring immersive 3D character focused combat gameplay, deep card customisation, a dark yet playful universe of lore, a constant flow of new content via seasonal live-ops & a host of other features we’re keeping up our blood soaked sleeves.

RIP TCG is being developed with the core intention of delivering a world class gaming, collection & customisation experience. While initial intentions were to develop a P2E TCG, our last year of research and gameplay development has seen us validated in our belief that a gamer’s main desire is enjoyment.

Does that mean we are leaving blockchain behind?

Hell no, we’re bullish as ever and are cherry picking the really good parts, and then mixing in a whole stack of blockchain powered features unique to RIP TCG. Some are known, like a deep on-chain XP, visual customisation & achievement unlock system localised to each card. Others are under wraps so we can wreak some havoc upon release. We believe the use of blockchain tech is valuable, but only when it IMPROVES a gamer’s experience.

For the last year, Director of DFZ, Psych, and a small team of creatives, have been locked down working on refining a stack of gaming documentation that solidified our intended gameplay loop, universe lore, card ecosystem, xp ecosystem, upgrade ecosystem, mtx ecosystem, MVP gameplay, seasonal live-ops strategy & creative direction while also translating the world of DFZ into immersive 3D in a unique way. This documentation will slowly come to light as we release an ongoing series of podcasts and development diaries called Road to R.I.P. We will continue to be protective of giving too much away but our progress will be shared often.

While working on the backbone of the game, we were also searching for a team of top-tier developers that can deliver initial development right through to shipping, and we are now proud to share that we are working with the pro team at Unity Technologies. With individual experience from titles such as Battlefield, Star Wars, Madden, Fable, Forza, and Minecraft & Hearthstone. While it might be obvious to some, to spell it out, they are some of the best developers in the world.

Starting this October in Vancouver, the DFZ team will kick off this next stage of development with a talented development team of 16, armed with a vision that can shake TCGs & gaming as a whole. Alpha is scheduled to be live in 2024, beta in 2025.


The vault sale represents the first connection of our existing ecosystem to a powerful new one and we have structured it in a way that rewards existing collectors and brings in new/old collectors.


A vault is a box of 9 cases. Each of the 9 cases contains 10 packs. Each of the 10 packs contain 5 cards. The total amount of cards when all packs within the vault are ripped, is a massive 450 random first edition cards for use upon game release. Each vault also includes one random ultra rare card for use upon game release.


  • For each Deadfellaz & Deadfrenz combo you own
    You can purchase up to 3 Vaults @ $13USD each
    and purchase up to 100 additional Vaults @ $75USD each
  • For each Deadfellaz you own
    You can purchase 1 Vault @ $13USD
    and purchase up to 100 additional Vaults @ $75USD each
  • For each Deadfrenz you own
    You can purchase 1 Vault @ $13USD
    and purchase up to 100 additional Vaults @ $75USD each
  • Legacy (Wallets that minted Deadfellaz or Deadfrenz — do not still need to be holding)
    You can purchase 1 Vault @ $50USD
    and purchase up to 100 additional Vaults @ $90USD each
  • Alphas
    You can purchase up to 100 Vaults for FREE
  • General Access
    Can purchase up to 100 Vaults @ $100USD each

Total first edition vault supply is capped at 30,000 and no other first edition cards will ever be released.

  • Collector only sales period will begin on the 8th September.
  • General access will begin after 48hrs on the 10th September.

Vault Sale is subject to terms & conditions that will be available on the purchase site. Details are subject to change.
General access will last for 13 days or until supply runs out.


The Vault Sale is being facilitated by our development partners Props. Links to access the sale will be posted on the day of the sale on X & Discord. The sale link post will be independently confirmed across all accounts for Props, Deadfellaz, Betty & Psych.
We recommended you do not trust any information that all four accounts have not confirmed.
No individual from any of these teams will contact you with links or requests for sensitive information.

Stay tuned for more information on the 8th September.
Terms & conditions will apply.


  • Is the sale in ETH? Yes, ETH amount will be set at the USD amount listed above.
  • Is the 100 Vault Limit per wallet? Yes
  • Is Legacy Access included in the Collector’s Only Period? Yes
  • Why are the vaults so cheap? Accessibility to early supporters
  • Will the game be pay-to-win? No
  • Will the game be fun? Yes
  • Will the game be focused on players making money? No
  • Will the game be free-to-play upon release? Yes
  • Will my cards give me personal access to exclusive features? Yes
  • What platforms are initially being focused on? Mobile & PC
  • What will the game be rated? We’re targeting teens & adults
  • What is considered Ultra Rare? >1%