Pixelfellaz — entering the 2D metaverse.

The Deadfellaz team is joined by talented pixel artists and animators, Pxl Hns and Jeremy Pires to bring the Deadfellaz collection into 2D/pixel based metaverse spaces and beyond. All 10k of our original collection will be pixelated, providing holders with the utility of being able to play as your chosen fellaz in spaces that facilitate pixel characters. This will not be a mint, it will be a token-gated utility introduced as they are completed.

Introducing the artists:

Jeremy Pires

If you feel like you’ve seen the name Jeremy Pires in the Deadfellaz world before, you would be correct. Jeremy was the incredible artist behind the now-infamous bouncing Deadfellaz skull featured on the side of the Nasdaq building for the Halloween/NFT NYC period in 2021, he was a finalist in the ‘Draw The Undead’ community art contest, and is also co-founder of the Paris-based studio ‘CRCR’ — a collective of animators and directors producing high quality content for clients including Riot Games.

Pxl Hns

A well known talented pixel artist in the NFT space and self-proclaimed ‘bringer of pixelated heat’, PxlHns is on the founding team of Cartlads — Team Naked. He has brought many NFT characters/collections into their pixelated glory, including Fang Gang and Cool Cats. His work is impeccable, and we are beyond excited to have our ‘fellaz in such capable ‘hans’ ;)

Great, so where will I be able to use my Pixelfellaz?

Initially we have partnered with 2D metaverse ‘Worldwide Webb’ - An ‘interoperable pixel metaverse built on Ethereum, where players can own land, equip their NFTs & more’.

Deadfellaz currently owns a large apartment and penthouse in this world, to be used as a horde ‘base’ of sorts that will be able to host everything from quests, mini games, hangouts and more.

Our development of Pixelfellaz will form a base of assets to build upon, so while we produce in an effort to integrate with existing metaverse worlds, we also form a valuable resource which in future will lend itself to independent Deadfellaz developments/games. TBA.

🧟‍♀ ️Betty & Psych 🧟



An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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