Minting Deadfrenz

3 min readFeb 14, 2022
Unrevealed Deadfrenz. Green: Regular. Blue: Hybrid. Purple: Alpha.

The moment has arrived! It is now time to use your Lab Access Passes to mint your Deadfrenz. Minting goes live at 11pm EST 13/02/22

First, please read the following article:

What Type Of Lab Access Passes Are There?

There are three types of Lab Access Passes:
1. Regular Lab Access Pass: (Green)
Can be used to mint 1 random Deadfren from the 12 regular species. All green passes on the secondary market are in the same category.
2. Hybrid Lab Access Pass: (Blue)
Can be used to mint the exclusive 13th species of hybrid Deadfrenz.
3.Alpha Lab Access Pass: (Purple)
Can be used to mint one of thirteen legendary Alpha Deadfrenz.
There are only 13 Alpha Lab Access Passes.

3 Types of Lab Access Passes: Regular, Hybrid, Alpha

I Don’t Have A Lab Access Pass, How Can I Get One?

The only way to mint a Deadfrenz is by using a Lab Access Pass. The window for minting Lab Access Passes has now closed. All passes are available on the secondary market: official link: here

All Lab Access Passes purchased from the official secondary listing page will mint a Deadfrenz for free plus gas.

You do not have to hold a specific NFT to buy and use any of the Lab Access Passes available on the secondary market. Once a Lab Access Pass is used to mint a Deadfrenz, it will be burned. No Lab Access Passes available on the official secondary market will have been used before.

You have 120 days to mint your Deadfrenz.

Deadfrenz Loading

Ok, How Do I Use My Lab Access Pass To Mint My Deadfrenz?

  • Access the minting portal here:
  • Connect your wallet. Ensure this is the wallet that holds your pass(es).
  • The minting site will recognise the Lab Access Pass(es) in your wallet.
  • Select how many of your Lab Access Passes you wish to use.
  • Confirm ‘redeem’.
  • Sign for the transaction. This will cost you just the gas.
  • Wait for the transaction to process. This may take a few minutes.
  • Your Lab Access Pass(es) will now be burned, and your Deadfrenz will be in your wallet.

Wen Reveal?

For the first 72 hours of minting going live, you will only be able to identify what species of Deadfrenz you have minted. This allows the community to buy or sell species on the secondary market depending on their preference before the specific frenz traits are revealed.

After 72 hours, all Deadfrenz will be revealed, including Hybrids and Alphas.


  • There will be no mint from anywhere but our domain
  • No links to mint will be put in our discord announcements, or anywhere else.
  • Nobody from our team will message you for any sensitive information, ever.
  • Do not give anybody your seed phrase, do not share your screen, and do not click links sent to you. Mods and founders are easily impersonated on discord, where people can be easily taken advantage of.
  • Please only buy or trade through official channels.
  • If you experience something you believe to be a scam or predatory, reach out to one of our team to let us know, or report in the scam report channel in our discord server.


If you need minting support, please head to our discord and access the channel ‘Deadfrenz Mint Pass Support’. A moderator or team member will help you asap. Please do not DM our team directly for security issues. Refer back to the above-mentioned security points when interacting with people online.

Official Links

Minting portal:
Official Opensea Listing:
Lab Access Pass Opensea:

Happy Minting!

Dont forget to share your frenz on social media #allmyfrenzaredead

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