Known Origin X Deadfellaz Community Auction.

Known Origin X Deadfellaz.

2021’s ‘Draw the Undead’ Community Art Contest challenged holders and non-holders alike to create Deadfellaz inspired derivatives. Over 370 entries from around the world were submitted, representing a huge array of modalities— including 3D, claymation, animation, 2D, collage, and more. The contest revealed the horde to be incredibly talented, 20 winners were chosen split between 10 holders and 10 non holders with an overall winner for each category, chosen with the help of guest judges Lirona and Fvckrender.

This month, we have partnered with Known Origin to bring those winning entries to auction as official Deadfellaz collaborations for a special community event to celebrate these talented artists — complete with a metaverse party in Decentraland between both the Deadfellaz DCL estate and the Known Origin estate, gallery, puzzles, poaps and prizes. All proceeds from sales go to the collaborating artists.


14th March, 11am UTC
Twitter Spaces: we will join the Known Origin team, as well as many of our featured artists to discuss the art, the auction, and more!

17th March, 11am UTC.
All auctions will be live on Known Origin, bidding for those who are auctioning pieces will start at .13eth, those that are selling editions will be selling 13 editions at .13eth per edition.

The artists:

Jonathan Foerster — Holders First Prize Winner

Jonathan Foerster, a digital artist and a member of international art collective Depthcore since 2002, creates works that are interpretations of the realms of love, fear, death, and life, that exist inside him. Unable to put these realms into words, Foerster creates these with beautiful detailed creations, developing intricate artworks through multiple layers and elaborate details. This entry was breathtaking:

Known Origin Profile:

Miriam Persand — Non-holders First Prize Winner

Miriam Muñoz, aka Miriampersand, is a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist from Spain. Muñoz creates works which are fun, bold, and unique, and loves to collaborate with other artists. Muñoz has worked with clients which include Adidas, Condé Nast Traveller, GQ, and The New York Times. In their spare time, they study philosophy, make comics, watch roller derby and enjoy the company of their dog Tati.

Known Origin Profile:

Deadfellaz Holders Winners — Top 9


Brandonmighty — aka Brandon James Scott — is a creative director and illustrator. Scott has worked in illustration and animation for over a decade, and during this time created the award-winning series Justin Time.

Scott loves to make art that encompasses adventure, curiosity, and heart, and explores the themes of the fantastic and whimsical world that we live in, and the worlds within our dreams.

Known Origin Profile:


Known as Marso or PXZ, this Philippines-based digital-illustrator works with fine geometric lines and candy colours. Marso considers her art as her ‘personal sanctuary, a safe place to unleash her inner thoughts and creative point of view’.

Marso uses her art work to translate her everyday experiences into artistic expressions, creating magic through her fresh colours and geometric lines. When not working, Marso enjoys settling in to watch movies with her cat.

Known Origin Profile:


NewColossal is a 3D Artist, Designer, and Art Director from Toronto, Canada. NewColossal is creating portraits of objects inhabiting alternate realities and other realms, with each piece building on the last. As a result their work provides an ever-growing window into something larger and not-yet-discovered.

Known Origin Profile:

Alpha Chad3

AlphaChad3 Chad is an artist and content creator, you can find more of his works on TikTok under @chaddrawss. His style is heavily influenced by cyber and punk art styles.

Known Origin Profile:

Ethan S. Brewerton

Growing up in Connecticut, Ethan S. Brewerton spent most of his time creating — either with lego, sticks, clay, paper, or whatever other medium who could get his hands on. This creative passion led him to inventing, engineering and architecture, whilst a fascination with monsters, dinosaurs, dragons, and superheroes grew inside of him.

Now an NFT artist, Brewerton brings together his history of creating and his interests in science fiction, cyberpunk, and fantasy, to create Mecha Chaotic Metaverse, an online universe of madness and mystery.

Known Origin Profile:

Leslie Binns

Leslie Binns is a production designer and illustrator who has over forty years of experience in the film industry. Working across film and television, Binns is an Emmy nominated and AFI winning production designer. Binns is best known for his work on The Mango Tree (1977), Arctic Blast (2010) and Moby Dick (1998).

Known Origin Profile:

Handmates NFT

Handmates NFT is an artistic team developed by childhood friends with a passion for art and creativity. With community at the heart of everything that they do, each Handmate is an original piece of handmade art, and the team hopes to bring new people into the NFT world through their intricate and individual pieces.

Known Origin Profile:

Jess Wiseman

A 20 year old animations designer, Jess Wiseman has been working in artwork and design, animations and visual FX since first working with CAD at the age of 11 years old. Now, Wiseman creates 3D motion graphics art with realism and a modern art aesthetic. She has collaborated with various artists and brands, including Doja Cat, Jack Harlow, Billionaire Boys Club X Reebok, and Meghan Trainor.

Known Origin Profile:

Leon Lee

Leon Lee — born in Malaysia and now residing in Kuala Lumpur and/or Los Angeles — draws inspiration from his travels and the nature he experiences to create landscapes, illustrations, set designs, and whimsical fantasy worlds. Lee has been featured in galleries and exhibitions across the US, and his work has gained him recognition as a finalist in the ‘World Illustration Awards 2019’ and is now Lead Concept Developer for Deadfellaz.

Known Origin Profile:

Deadfellaz Non-Holders Winners — Top 9


Durhminic is Jakarta based art teacher and illustrator, and they are ‘obsessed with digital painting’. Durminic’s work uses sweet colours and cutesy animal characters to examine every day activities such as relaxing by a pool, enjoying a parade, or sunbathing. However, their work also explores darker themes, such as hunting, or ‘cups of corpses’, using the same style and characters, creating an intriguing meeting of worlds.

Known Origin Profile:

Glam Beckett

A self-proclaimed ‘sensitive dark artist’. Glam Beckett is an independent artist from Russia, whose artworks are influenced by the themes of love and death, melancholy and loneliness, dark romance, and witchy vibes.

Artist of ‘Sad Girls Bar’ NFT, Beckett finds inspiration for their art in noir films, dark erotic, punk, and BDSM aesthetics.

Known Origin Profile:

Tommi Rahko

Tommi Rahko is a 3D Generalist from Finland, who also happens to love dogs and pizza. Their NFT artwork is both emotionally and literally moving, as they create thought provokes scenes and patterns in motion.

Known Origin Profile:

Jeremy Pires

Jeremy Pires is a French Director, Animator, and Illustrator. Pires, who is Paris based, is also the Co-founder of CRCR Studio.

Pires loves to make things move. He uses bold colours and rhythmic motion within his work, and is currently creating an NFT collection of 1/1 personalised bouncing head PFPs. He was responsible for the Deadfellaz bouncing skull seen in Times Square, NYC over the Halloween/NFT NYC period in 2021, and is now working actively on transforming the entire Deadfellaz 10k collection into ‘pixelfellaz’.

Known Origin Profile:

Steven Purwadipura

Art Director and Graphic Designer Steven Purwadipura is based in Jakarta, where he works at graphic design studio Dorm Studio. Now, Purwadipura is ‘beginning to draw again’, and he creates artwork with enticing ethereal colours and collage-like layers.

Known Origin Profile:

Jon McTavish

An eclectic artist and graphic designer, Jon McTavish refuses to be locked into one niche. McTavish’s art is exciting and intricate, as he continues to create in new and challenging ways. With no set style, theme, or niche, McTavish creates collections of works which are ‘kinda weird, kinda beautiful’.

Known Origin Profile:


Ex design architect, Akuesyazwan is a freelance artist who loves to doodle. Their work is inspired by monsters and robots as they take inspiration from mechanical and complex details to create their isometric illustrations.

Known Origin Profile:


Pisadzzza describes themself as an ‘art lover who has a dream’, and their style concept — art. Pisadzzza creates thought provoking pieces as NFTs, with their ‘Vadiz’ NFT collection consisting of demonic illustrations inspired by human feelings, thoughts, actions, and mental disorders.

Known Origin Profile:

Yannick Theunissen

Yannick Theunissen is a video creator and VFX artist who describes themselves as an ‘Anime Nerd’. Theunissen is now tinkering in the world of 3D art.

Known Origin Profile:



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