Jadu X Deadfellaz

3 min readDec 1, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Jadu as part of their highly anticipated release of Jadu Hoverboards.

Jadu Hoverboards are NFTs that let your avatars fly in the Metaverse. Along with Jadu Jetpacks they will be key transport machines in Jadu’s Augmented Reality World: The Mirrorverse.

Betty tries her hand at hoverboarding with Jadu Hoverboard.

Jadu has partnered with cultural icons including Seven-Time Formula One® World Champion, LEWIS HAMILTON; Canadian musician and internet sensation, GRIMES; Legendary American rapper, SNOOP DOGG; visual artist, MIMI ONUOHA and NFT curator, TRIPPY to design the Ultra Rare Hoverboards in this collection.

3D rigged chibi avatars of Betty & Psych have been created for anyone to enjoy as an AR experience with Jadu. They represent a branch of gaming-ready avatars, entirely separate from (and in addition to) the previously announced 3D avatars that all Deadfellaz holders will also have access to mint in 2022.

Chibi ‘fellaz. Created by the Deadfellaz 3D team, led by Maddy Paddy & Sstrikerr


5,555 Hoverboards are going to be minting at 0.222Ξ on 12/12 . Since there are 60,000+ compatible avatars while only 5555 Hoverboards, who makes the Presale List will be decided by a raffle. All Deadfellaz holders (original 10k collection only) will be eligible to join the raffle.

To Join the raffle:

Go to list.jadu.ar
Connect the wallet that holds your Deadfellaz
Be added to the raffle (1 entry per wallet)
Find out if you made the list on Dec 9th in Jadu’s Discord.

More About Jadu

Jadu‘s team of AR pioneers and veterans have quickly made a name for themselves within the crypto community. Their first item released was a collection of 1111 Jadu Jetpacks designed for AR gameplay with NFT avatars in the metaverse. The collection sold out in 20 seconds and has since become a cult favorite in the NFT gaming market — nearing $9 million in trading volume with the most expensive Jetpack selling for over $400,000.

We will be hosting an AMA Session with Jadu in the Deadfellaz discord December 8, 2pm est.

In the meantime, check out Jadu’s social channels to stay in the loop with their releases:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaduHologram
Discord: https://discord.gg/jadu
Website: http://list.jadu.ar/

Happy Hovering!

Betty & Psych