Front Facing Fellaz Are Here: How To Access Them.

2 min readMar 24, 2023


As we continue to expand the library of resources and art extensions to your Deadfellaz, today sees the release of Front Facing Fellaz — a reimagination of all 10k OG Deadfellaz turned ever so slightly to look you square in the face.

Why Front Facing?

We saw a desire for it, as community members began making their own derivatives one by one — we saw that by providing these files to the community directly, we could expand the usability of your ‘fellaz in different environments.

The files available are: front facing with body and background, front facing with body and no background, front facing with no body (especially useful to place over photos for social media etc).

Are These NFTs?

No. Much like the Pixelfellaz, these are are extension to the art files available with each Deadfellaz token. They are hosted on IPFS, which essentially means that they are openly accessible to holders to use under the banner of their IP. It is an official IP extension.

How To Access?

All assets live on IPFS — to access, simply input your token ID number at the end of the URL before the “.png” to get to each version. You can see this highlighted in the image below:

Psych’s Front Facing Fella. The token number that can be changed to access your fella is highlighted in the address bar.

Front Facing

Front Facing, no bg

Front Facing, no bg or body

What Other Assets Are Currently Available?

Now: Pixelfellaz, Front Facing Fellaz
Soon: Voxelfellaz, Streamingfellaz, Chibbifellaz

Access to Pixelfellaz

Pixefella, accessible on IPFS for all 10K fellaz.

You can access these in the same way described above for your Front Facing Files using the following link:

There is also a discord bot that allows you quick access using a command here:

These assets are currently useable within the pixel-base metaverse Worldwide Webb

Check out the trailer of their latest release ft Deadfellaz