DFZ Metadata 2.0

2 min readMay 2, 2022

Deadfellaz Metadata is getting an upgrade.

This a simple but important update to the existing metadata of Deadfellaz & Deadfrenz. It will consist of:

Grade Combo Trait Addition

The combination of trait degrades (Fresh, Damaged, Rotten) is an important and often overlooked part of the DFZ collections. Many know that Rarity Tools is our most accurate location for rarity, but community feedback suggests that it is often not taken into account when navigating the collections. This metadata addition will ensure our rarities are consistent in any location, and easily understood by newcomers to the Deadfellaz community.

‘Grade Combo’ will combine the grades of a fella/frenz’ grades, for example:
- A DF with 2 Rotten traits & 3 Damaged Traits, would have a Grade Combo Trait of ‘2R3D’.
- A DF with a perfect combo of 5 Fresh traits would have a Grade Combo Trait of ‘5F’.
- A DF with 1 Rotten trait, 2 Damaged traits & 2 Fresh traits would have a Grade Combo Trait of ‘1R2D2F’.

Rarity Rank Trait

Many collectors often refer to 3rd party rarity sites, plugins, bots etc. to know what ‘ranking’ an NFT is within a collection. While we do not emphasise buying for rarity within the DFZ ecosystem (many of our collectors simply buy what they love) we believe that disparity between rarity listings isn’t in the best interests of decentralisation or NFTs. So we will be adding ranks to our collections, they will be based on the statistics of Rarity Tools, taking in not just traits but also combinations of traits.

Mock up using the OS UI to illustrate the proposed metadata additions: Grade Combo & Rarity Rank.


Images and metadata will be migrated to new IPFS hosting by Props.

How Will This Affect My NFTs?

Nothing will change. There will be no alteration to the rarity of your NFTs, or the underlying metadata aside from the addition of the two traits (Grade Combo and Rarity Rank). This is simply an update that will allow you to more easily navigate the rarity and grade combinations across the Deadfellaz and Deadfrenz collections.

While this is a small change, touching the metadata of an existing project is a significant event and we are open to community feedback before this change takes effect (end of May). To provide your feedback, please head to the ‘Support & Feedback’ channel in the Deadfellaz discord.