DFZ Labs Partners with Snag Solutions for the Development of DFZ Ecosystem Marketplace and Rewards.

3 min readFeb 9, 2024

Today DFZ Labs, a pioneer in the convergence of blockchain technology with storytelling, art and entertainment, is announcing a strategic partnership with Snag Solutions.

The partnership will kickoff with the launch of a ‘metaverse-ready’ marketplace and trading platform ahead of Deadfellaz’s launch of new incentive systems. The new experience will be a central hub for the Deadfellaz community, including features like secure P2P trading, member profiles and a social directory for collectors.

Deadfellaz Marketplace — Coming Soon in Collaboration with Snag Solution

The marketplace launch will be just the first milestone in a long-term partnership that will include the launch of a dedicated hub, showcasing the entire Deadfellaz ecosystem, interoperable assets, mints, burn/redeems and the upcoming rewards experience to follow.

Snag already partners with some of the top Web3 creators and games like Pudgy Penguins and Valeria Games, offering buy, sell, and trade SDKs to enable in-game transactions.

The marketplace will also feature account abstraction wallet and credit card purchasing to let new community members onboard without the need for a Web3 wallet. New Web3 users can easily create wallets associated with email and social accounts, eliminating the need to manage private keys, and letting users operate seamlessly across the rapidly expanding Deadfellaz ecosystem from a single account.

More Than Just a Marketplace

While February’s release will feature a new landing page, purchasing channel, and social hub, the best is yet to come, with Deadfellaz loyalty & rewards planned for later this year. Snag already supports leading brands and communities like Rolling Loud and PROOF/Moonbirds to reward member loyalty, letting collectors earn points for contributions like soft staking and sharing content.

“With Snag we have a partner that can help us take our digital experience to the next level. ’24 is going to be about pushing forward through innovative developments, while rewarding the community that has rallied around us to do so. We’re excited to be working with Snag to bring this to life.” — Betty

The new Deadfellaz market will build the foundation for community rewards, as the brand’s parent entity DFZ Labs pushes into new categories including gaming and ordinals, letting users earn and redeem points for additional access, utility, and free items.

Collectors will begin accruing points immediately just for owning Deadfellaz, with additional rewards for contributions like connecting social profiles and sharing Deadfellaz content to be announced soon. The program will continue to expand available rewards based on community feedback as the Deadfellaz ecosystem continues to grow.

“We’ve been in talks with Deadfellaz for well over a year now and see them as a key design partner. There are few brands with the capabilities, community, an ingenuity to define new onchain and community-centric business models, and we can’t wait to learn from the team as we define new solutions.” Zach Heerwagen, Snag CEO

About Snag Solutions

Snag Solutions empowers creators to take control of the buying experience, simplifying onboarding for new users. Since launching in 2022, Snag has scaled to power marketplaces and loyalty experiences for 100+ creators, games, and brands, including Pudgy Penguins, Rolling Loud, ApeCoin DAO, Valeria Games, A Kid Called Beast, and Rug Radio. Most recently, Snag launched ’offchain’ loyalty — a suite of APIs to let brands easily integrate Web3 enhanced experiences into their own digital build, and make points spendable onchain, while eliminating regulatory risk.

About DFZ Labs

DFZ Labs is a Web3 company pioneering the convergence of blockchain technology with storytelling, art and entertainment to create products and experiences that redefine the relationship between community and brand. Founded in 2021, DFZ Labs has a focus on digital identity, creator empowerment and embracing evolving gaming technology.