Deadfrenz Roadmap 1.0

3 min readApr 28, 2022



The Deadfrenz utility focus will be on a P2E (Play-to-earn) NFT TCG (Trading Card Game) that underpins ongoing plans for multiple interlinked DFZ gaming and media IPs.

P2E TCG Overview:

- The DFZ initial P2E offering will emerge as a tactics and story driven blockchain TCG.
- Game developed in partnership with top proven blockchain TCG dev team.
- Mechanics/gameplay developed in partnership with card-based game consultants.
- Card NFTs created in partnership with industry leading art & narrative teams.
- Game experience will introduce the DFZ universe to the public and community through story-based events, gameplay, pack releases & individual cards/characters.
- Gameplay will be tactical with card stats/power/gameplay linked to species, trait array and rarity.
- Dev partners will be announced via PR over the coming weeks.

DFZ Collection Hierarchy within the TCG ecosystem:

- Deadfellaz holders will have ongoing access to exclusive ‘Deadfellaz card’ releases.
- Deadfrenz holders will have ongoing access to exclusive ‘Deadfrenz card’ releases.
- Holders with Fellaz + Frenz will have ongoing access to exclusive ‘combo card’ releases.
- Alpha holders will have ongoing access to exclusive ‘Alpha card’ releases.
- The TCG will allow public access via generic starter decks and marketplace card purchases.
- Species you hold will affect what type of cards you can draw from a release.

Active vs Passive:

- While the TCG will not focus on passive gameplay, it will feature ways for DFZ holders to benefit from cards they hold without direct ongoing gameplay.

DFZ Ongoing perk & access hierarchy:

- Deadfellaz will remain our core focus for integrations, access & interoperability dev, while also receiving exclusive TCG perks.
- Deadfrenz will have their utility almost exclusively linked to the TCG and future extensions to the TCG ecosystem.

Unminted Passes:

- Support for lab passes will shift into phase 2 on the 13th of June.
- All remaining frenz supply (~3k) will be minted into a vault address making the entire 13k public for rarity and TCG purposes.
- Burning a lab pass via during phase 2 will drop a random Deadfrenz token from the vault wallet into your wallet.
- The entire DFZ held pass supply (~600 by this time) will be used/burnt at this time and all Frenz received from that action will be placed into a community wallet.
- Phase 2 will end upon the last pass being used.

Metaverse Integrations:

Current ongoing dev for integrating Deadfellaz into metaverse platforms also applies to Deadfrenz. Given the nature of the ‘Frenz not being humanoid for rigging/wearables, some platforms will not be supported at first, but some, such as World Wide Webb allow for companion/pet integrations and we will pursue this across relevant platforms.

TCG Token Plans:

A utility token will be launched in conjunction with the P2E game, plans pertaining to the token will be made public closer to the launch of the game.

This Roadmap is a guide, and as time moves on and we progress through the year, more opportunities arise, things may be added or changed — always to the benefit of the project, and always clearly communicated with the community.

LFG, Betty & Psych.