Deadfrenz are coming.

Deep in a testing lab, Betty & Psych make a discovery… Deadfellaz Comic Art by Leon Lee.

What are Deadfrenz?

Just like the ‘fellaz, the ‘frenz became infected during ‘The Outbreak’ and responded to an ICD issued ‘antidote’ — but are still more dead than alive. Since then, these ex zoo animals have been languishing miserably in an ICD testing lab.

On a mission led by Betty & Psych to weed out ICD from DeadZone7, the ‘frenz were discovered and liberated from captivity. They will now join the Deadfellaz as loyal companions on their journey through the metaverse.

Deadfrenz are PFP ready, art-focussed and feature the same degrade system as seen in the original 10k Deadfellaz collection. Rarity will reflect this, with combinations of all fresh, all damaged and all rotten being the rarest.


Deadfrenz holders will enjoy verified status in the Deadfellaz discord and access to all Deadfellaz metaverse developments without needing to also hold a Deadfellaz NFT. Mechanics related to holding both together will be revealed in 2022.

Future utility for the ‘frenz specifically runs parallel to the utility of the ‘fellaz and will be revealed as we progress through Roadmap 2.0. LFG.

Deadfrenz Supply & Minting:

Supply: 13,000
Deadfellaz Holders: 1 free mint per token (plus gas).
Deadfellaz Infected S1 Holders: 1 reserved mint per token (mint price 0.1Ξ, plus gas).
Betty Pop Horror Holders: 1 reserved mint per token (mint price 0.1Ξ, plus gas).

All above mentioned holders will be given a minting window of 72 hours, following this window all unclaimed ‘frenz will be moved to the public reserved mint pool.

Public minting will be distributed via a reserved minting system. We will be distributing reserved mints to various NFT communities we love, and through competitions.

White Sunglasses, Blue Stripes, Dark Grey Brand Tee: As promised, holders of these traits within the Original Collection will receive an exclusive breed of Deadfrenz. This perk does not stack for multiple traits found on one token.


Due to multiple partnered releases dropping around the 13th, we have decided to push the release of Deadfrenz by one week to the January 2022 Exact date and time TBA.


Deadfrenz will be mintable directly from our website. We will release the exact URL closer to the time. This will be found in a medium article tweeted directly from our Twitter account. Please do not mint anything from future discord announcements due to discord security issues seen in other NFT communities in recent times. We will not ask you for any sensitive information or ask you to screen share under any circumstances. Stay safe.

Betty & Psych




An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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