Deadfrenz Alpha

4 min readJan 21, 2022
An example of 1 of the 13 Deadfrenz species: Hyena.

In the lead up to our launch of Deadfrenz we want you to be prepared, here is everything you need to know prior to the launch, including a mint schedule and breakdown of the collection.

Species Breakdown

There are 13 species of Deadfrenz within the collection. These are made up of:

- Monkeys

Every species will be made up of 999 frenz and one 1/1 alpha fren.


Deadfrenz will feature many of the traits our community has grown to love in the Deadfellaz 10k collection. The array of traits for each species will be equally weighted to ensure variety throughout the collection. Varying levels of degradation will bring unique, gory & unexpected twists to the traits of the Deadfrenz while also adding rarity for those that seek it. As can be seen in the original collection, a combination of traits with equal degrade = a rarer frenz. For example, a fren with 5 damaged traits will be rarer than a fren with 3 damaged and 2 fresh traits.

Statistical rarity, aesthetics and community consensus all play a part in the demand of certain traits. For this reason we advise that if you are buying on secondary, you look for something you love personally.

The Hybrids*

While many of the Deadfrenz still resemble the species of animal they were created from, the hybrids represent a leap in undead chimera tech. Created from a larger pool of genetically engineered traits the Hybrids are inherently rarer and considerably more aggressive. These will be mintable only by those who hold the corresponding Lab Access Passes (given to holders of Fellaz with specific traits only).

Lab Access Passes

A ‘Lab Access Pass’ will act as your mint pass for your Deadfrenz. Holders of Deadfellaz, Deadfellaz Infected S1, and Betty Pop Horror will be able to claim one (1) Lab Access Pass per token they hold.

Holders of Deadfellaz with the following traits will receive a Lab Access Pass that will mint a ‘Hybrid’ fren: white glasses, dark grey brand tee, blue stripe. No special action needs to be taken, this will happen automatically as you claim your Lab Access Pass if you hold a fella with those traits in your wallet at the time of the snapshot. These passes will be visibly different to the regular Lab Access Passes.

The snapshot for Lab Access Passes will take place on the 31st January.

On the 3rd February, Lab Access Passes will become available to mint using the eth wallets noted as eligible by the snapshot, and by those given access via the Reserved Mint List.

Lab Access Pass claim will be open for 7 days only. Following the 7 days, any unclaimed Lab Access Passes will be absorbed into a dev wallet to be used for giveaways/contests.

Lab Access Pass Cost

  • Deadfellaz 10k Holders: free mint + gas
  • Deadfellaz Infected S1 Holders: 0.1eth + gas
  • Betty Pop Horror Holders: 0.1eth + gas
  • Public Reserved Mint List: 0.15eth + gas

Public Reserved Mint Allocation

There will be roughly just under 3,000 Lab Access Passes that non holders will be given the opportunity to claim via a reserved mint list. Spots on this reserved mint list will be distributed to various communities and individuals prior to the 3rd February.

The Alphas

13 Special Lab Access Passes to mint 1 of the 13 1/1 Alpha Deadfrenz will be randomly airdropped to 13 Lab Access Pass holders on the 10th February. The lucky holders will be selected from the snapshot of all mint pass holders that day, using Chainlink VRF to ensure verifiable fair odds through on-chain transparency. It is statistically unlikely that one person receives more than one Special Lab Access Pass, but it is possible if people hold multiple Lab Access Passes.

The 1/1 Alphas will hold special utility in the future. This will be expanded on soon.

Minting Deadfrenz

On the 13th February, Deadfrenz minting officially opens. To mint your Deadfrenz, you must access the relevent page via our website, where you will be given the option to swap your Lab Access Pass/Passes for the corresponding number of Deadfrenz. This will only cost you gas, which will be optimised.

Minting of Deadfrenz will be open for 120 days, plans for frenz left unminted will be announced closer to this date.


  • There will be no mint from anywhere but our domain
  • No links to mint will be put in our discord announcements, or anywhere else.
  • Nobody from our team will message you for any sensitive information, ever.
  • Do not give anybody your seed phrase, do not share your screen, and do not click links sent to you. Mods and founders are easily impersonated on discord, where people can be easily taken advantage of.
  • If you experience something you believe to be a scam or predatory, reach out to one of our team to let us know, or report in the scam report channel in our discord server.


  • 31st January: Snapshot for Lab Access Pass occurs.
  • 3rd February: Lab Access Pass claim window opens.
  • 10th February: Lab Access Pass claim window closes.
  • 11th February: Snapshot for Alpha Lab Passes occurs + 13 Alpha Lab Passes distributed to 13 random holders of Lab Access Passes.
  • 13th February: Deadfrenz minting officially opens.

Sneak Peeks

You will receive a sneak peek daily in the countdown from now until mint. 1/1 Alpha Deadfrenz will not be revealed until they are minted.

Horde Town Hall

Sunday 23rd January, 5.30pm est / 10.30pm gmt / 8.30am 24th aest

We will be holding a Horde Town Hall meeting in discord stages to address any questions you have about Deadfrenz, or other announcements from this week/weekend. If you’re unable to attend the meeting, please ask questions in the ‘ask the team’ discord channel and our team will be able to get back to you there.