Deadfellaz x Wrangler

Deadfellaz x Wrangler. Art by Leon Lee.

This September, Deadfellaz partnered with legacy brand, Wrangler to bring to life a campaign that would bridge Web2 with Web3 — combining the community-focussed, progressive ethos and tech of the NFT space with a timeless historical brand to create an interactive experience for all.

The campaign began with the release of a single comic slide, illustrated by the Deadfellaz team illustrated by Deadfellaz concept artist, Leon Lee. The slide introduced an unknown heroine at the start of an adventure in ‘Arcadia’, a fictional Deadfellaz world (wearing Wrangler jeans of course). The community were then asked to help direct the story by voting in multi choice polls ‘choose your own adventure’ style.

“Our heroine awakes face down in the searing Arcadian wastes, her hand still holding a rusted crowbar.”

Deadfellaz x Wrangler

Participants that helped direct the storyline were placed in the running to win a piece of the first Deadfellaz x Wrangler merch drop. 13 lucky winners were to receive 1 pair of extremely limited edition (20 pieces ever made) vintage Wrangler jeans, chipped with NFC technology (NFC = Near-Field Communication) by LTD.INC, a web3 platform for top artists and creators. Each pair of jeans will link to an NFT of the final comic strip, represented as a digital asset co-created by the community during this epic digital journey!

As the days passed, the co-created story came together — written and illustrated in direct response to the choices the community made. Neither the Wrangler or Deadfellaz team knew how this story would end, which made the process just as exciting for us as it was for those participating.

Storytelling is in our DNA as human beings. It is how we connect to each other, share experiences, record history, and creatively express ourselves. It allows us to come together and connect emotionally over a common experience — getting lost together in something outside the everyday. NFT projects have a huge potential to bring a new generation of stories to the world through entirely new IP that is loved by the communities that surround them.

The importance of ‘bridging the gap’ is spoken about a lot, it has joined other seemingly over-used cliches in the Web3 space. The thing about cliches however, is that they always ring true. In this case, Deadfellaz and Wrangler have bridged the gap between Web2 and Web3, embracing traditional storytelling, quality tangible items, new and innovative tech, and the collaborative nature of Web3. This has been a meaningful and exciting way to initiate this partnership, stay tuned for what is next…

To be continued…



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