Deadfellaz X neuno

3 min readMar 18, 2022

Announcing our collaborative partnership with neuno to bring 500 Deadfellaz holders the opportunity to mint the ‘neuCard’.

Deadfellaz and neuno anticipate many future collaborations further engaging their communities, providing exciting content, talent and unique drops with their specific audiences in mind, with our first exciting activation set to be announced within the next week.

Who is neuno?

neuno is a platform focused on the buying, selling and trading of fashion NFTs, giving their community a premium experience with exclusive access to pre-sales, exciting fashion collaborations, events and content.
There are a plethora of high profile collaborations and activations already lined up for 2022, as well as a Deadfellaz X neuno collaboration ready for announcement next week.

Their team is primarily based in Milan, and led by both their Founder Natalie Johnson and COO Chris Wright.
Natalie has over 13 years of experience in the apparel industry, her previous clients include Farfetch, Woolmark, ASICS. She is Advisor to the Australian Fashion Council (AFC) 2021/2022 and has been featured in: Forbes, Vogue Business, Highsnobiety, AFR, Bloomberg, Wired, and more.

“We are so excited about this collaboration with Deadfellaz as bringing our worlds together creates a tremendous opportunity for designers and brands to create the most incredible expression of their vision!” — Natalie Johnson

What is the neuCard?

With a supply of just 3,000, owners of the neuCard will gain exclusive access to pre-sales, future drops, events, and of course purchasing power in the neuniverse, a premium fashion experience in the metaverse.

Immediate utility specific to Deadfellaz holders of the neuCard will be announced within the next week as we shed light on our initial collaborative fashion-focussed endeavour with neuno.


  • All holders within the Deadfellaz ecosystem are automatically allowlisted: included Deadfellaz 10k holders, Deadfrenz holders, Lab Access Pass holders, Betty Pop Horror holders, S1 Infected holders.
  • This does not guarantee a minting spot, only access to mint. The minting portal will be open Saturday March 19, 5pm CET (4pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PST) and will remain open for 1 week or until the 500 pass allocation has been exhausted.
  • Minting cost is 0.2 eth
  • The minting portal link will be made available via Twitter only.


  • There will be no mint link from anywhere but neuno’s Twitter account. and retweeted by Deadfellaz Twitter account.
  • No links to mint will be put in our discord announcements, or anywhere else.
  • Nobody from our respective teams will message you for any sensitive information, ever.
  • Do not give anybody your seed phrase, do not share your screen, and do not click links sent to you. Mods and founders are easily impersonated on discord, where people can be easily taken advantage of.
  • If you experience something you believe to be a scam or predatory, reach out to one of our team to let us know, or report in the scam report channel in our discord server.