Deadfellaz x Gilson

3 min readApr 27, 2022


1/1 Custom Snowboard ft Deadfellaz #1600 ‘Betty’. 1/1 Custom Skis ft Deadfellaz #1601 ‘Psych’

We have partnered with Gilson to create boards & skis customised to your NFT. Holders of Deadfellaz, Deadfrenz, S1 Infected and Betty Pop Horror are eligible to buy unique custom snowboards or skis. Universal Deadfellaz-themed designs are available for non holders.

During a three day window, holders will have the opportunity to Forge 1-of-1 snowboards or skis unlike any other in the world, created from their own NFT artwork by visiting

Gilson is a leading community and artist-driven snowboard and ski maker, and has emerged as one of the hottest brands in Snow Sports. The company’s award winning designs and process are pioneering sustainable and responsible manufacturing in Snow Sports and boast an industry leading 5-year warranty.

“We are excited to collaborate with Gilson — a brand we feel shares our focus on creativity and inclusivity — providing opportunity for the Horde and the extended Web3 community to rep Deadfellaz on the mountain.” — Betty

Forging will feel more like a mint than a traditional eCommerce transaction, with NFT ownership verification as a required step during checkout. Holders will only be able to forge with the NFTs they own, and ETH will be accepted in addition to fiat currencies. Holders will choose between All Mountain and Freestyle models with sizing options that cover people of all shapes and sizes.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Deadfellaz team on what is shaping up to be one of the coolest drops in NFT history. Regardless of whether you ride, ski, want to learn, or are collecting as an original art piece, we are pumped to bring your NFT custom to life.” — Nicholas Gilson

If you don’t currently own an NFT in one of the included collections but still want to be a part of this historic drop, don’t worry– in an effort to be as inclusive as possible, the team has created a universal Deadfellaz x Gilson snowboard and pair of skis so you can represent The Horde on the mountain as well.

Universal Deadfellaz themed Snowboards and Skis available for non-holders to purchase.

How To Buy, pricing, and size information.

Forging window is from 9am EST 27th April, to 6pm EST 30th April via:

Due to multiple requests for the Betty board we have created a direct link that allows purchase of Betty themed gear. Please note, this page only accepts fiat.