Deadfellaz Songs Of The Dead: Winners Announcement.

‘Songs of the Dead’ was the song contest where we asked the NFT community to create a song inspired by Deadfellaz.

The quality of all entries was outstanding, and resulted in a judging process that took considerable time to ensure proper care and attention was given to each entry without being rushed. Thank you for your patience! Special thank you to our guest judges Doksan & Pussy Riot. Without further ado, here are your winners:

1st Place — Zaug ‘Deadfellaz’

This entry was extremely popular, and blew us away. From the lyrics to the beat, melody and emotion throughout — this is a track that was unanimously agreed as the winner. Zaug will receive 3ETH, a Deadfellaz NFT, and have the song played within our Decentraland club: DeadZone13.

BTS stripped back video:

2nd Place — Amyo ‘Lifeless Undead’

This amazing, silky smooth track is served best with an ice cold drink, a comfy chair and good vibes. Amyo receives a Deadfellaz NFT and 0.5eth.

3rd Place — LilPunkNate ‘Show Em How The Dead Do It’

This (like many of the entries) is an instant anthem with lyrics like ‘arms up, hands down, walk like a, walk like a zombie now’. We can see this inspiring dances, and getting stuck in people’s heads forever. LilPunkNate receives a Deadfellaz NFT and 0.5eth.

Additional Winners.

The entries were so great, we had to expand the winners list. All additional winners receive a Deadfellaz NFT.

Jpeg.Bri ‘ Dead Fella’

Hunter As A Horse ‘Snake Dreamz’

Mike Crigs — ‘Deadfellaz’

Matic Chad — ‘Deadfellaz’

Knights of 88 — ‘Deadfellaz Anthem ‘Join The Horde’

Gino The Ghost — Deadfellaz

Thank you for all of the incredible work put into all submitted entries, we were absolutely blown away and will be organising a Deadfellaz playlist for the horde to enjoy in the Decentraland Estate : DeadZone13.

All winners will be contacted directly by Betty on her Twitter account, be aware you will not be asked for any information other than your wallet address.

Betty & Psych




An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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