Deadfellaz Roadmap 2.0

Deadfellaz Comic Art by Leon Lee :
  • OnCyber Gallery Release: Our collaborative partnership with OnCyber has seen the development of an official Deadfellaz inspired gallery setting. This will soon be available to purchase via OnCyber’s ‘Factory Collection’ — giving you the opportunity to display your NFT’s in the metaverse, horde style.
  • Brand partnerships: We have formed relationships with well respected brands to create mutually beneficial content, expanding our reach and allowing us to explore new avenues of creativity.
  • New NFT platform listing: We will explore a new and innovative NFT marketplace platform alongside the platforms we currently utilise, OpenSea and Nifty Gateway.
  • Limited Merch Release: WEN MERCH! We hear you, it’s coming. You will be able to order hoodies, mugs, tees and more before the end of the year.
  • Stickers: A collaboration with a high quality sticker company to buy vinyl Deadfellaz stickers for your home, car, laptop or forehead. Complete with a private and customised page on their website for the Deadfellaz community where each member can access and order their sticker pack (general Deadfellaz packs, and unique packs per your pfp). Available shortly after Halloween.
  • Holiday Season in DeadZone 13: Exclusive DeadZone13 gigs, token gated for Deadfellaz holders, with a portion of tickets purchasable for non-holders. Playable mini-games, puzzles, wearables store, continued development and improvement of the city, hidden things to discover.
  • Merch Partnerships: We haven’t rushed into merchandise partnerships to ensure the highest quality and alignment to our brand is maintained. Q1 2022 will see us form collaborative relationships with brands that will bring Deadfellaz merchandise to life.
  • DEFI DEATH: The branch of Deadfellaz focusing solely on music. DEFI DEATH will empower musicians in our community to release music in innovative ways via their Deadfellaz identities, and have their creations amplified within our metaverse spaces. This will be a constantly evolving project that adapts to the needs of the community and innovations of the space.
  • Sandbox: Our sandbox development will begin officially — we will be using Sandbox to explore fun community gameplay.

This Roadmap is a guide, and as time moves on and we progress through the year, more opportunities arise, things may be added or changed — always to the benefit of the project, and always clearly communicated with the community. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support this far — what a journey it has been since August 13th. The horde is strong, and we are so excited for everything in store.

Here’s to the future,

Betty & Psych



An undead NFT collection and metaverse brand.

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