Deadfellaz Offset Carbon Emissions With Aerial.

2 min readOct 19, 2021

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, Deadfellaz has offset our carbon emissions with the help of Aerial.

Aerial’s NFT offset tool enables users to calculate the carbon emissions of any NFT and instantly offset those emissions through contributions to verified carbon offset and carbon capture projects.

Deadfellaz Carbon Emission Offset

How It Works

Users can paste any NFT collection address into the tool at to see an estimate of the collection’s carbon emissions, and then make a contribution to verified carbon removal projects with a credit card or Ethereum to offset those emissions.

Explains Aerial co-founder, Andreas Homer, “NFTs built and distributed on Ethereum generate a significant amount of CO2 due to the energy used to power the ‘Proof of Work’ consensus mechanism. While this mechanism ensures the security of the network and that all funds are valid, it comes at a cost to the environment. Ethereum 2.0 will include efficiency improvements such as the transition to ‘Proof of Stake,’ but that’s estimated to be at least a year away.”

Adds Aerial co-founder, Ari Sawyers, “In the meantime, we want to give people a way to take action. So we’ve partnered with several carbon removal initiatives including forest conservation projects verified by Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry, and Charm Industrial, a cutting-edge technology that converts captured CO2 into a harmless bio-oil that’s injected deep underground.”

Says Aerial co-founder, Ebby Amir, “While carbon offsets are not a perfect solution, they do provide an immediate way to start tackling the environmental effects of the current NFT boom.”

Aerial’s NFT offset tool is now live at

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