Deadfellaz Metawrapz Alpha is Here.

3 min readNov 8, 2023
Metawrapz interface, created with Props Labs.

As of today, every holder of Deadfellaz 10k assets will be able to access all current variations of their PFP — including Pixelfellaz, Voxelfellaz, props and customizations, in one user-friendly portal, known as Metawrapz — created in partnership with the incredible team at Props Labs. There is NO cost associated with using the portal, or accessing any of the current IP extensions available through Metawrapz.

Access and connect your wallet here:

OK So What’s PFP Metawrapping?

It’s a new term we coined to describe our wrapping of PFPs in various metaverse graphic styles. As we create the different interpretations of the 10K for metaverse platform integration and content creation, we want holders to gain access to those generative assets in PFP form through a means that doesn’t dilute the original collection, so as each version of the 10K is completed for integration, they will also have an associated generative avatar created and pinned to each DF10K, mirroring the exact traits that they hold — but in the new style.

Front Facing Fellaz #1601

This means that Deadfellaz can rep their metaverse or online communities in (eg. Sandbox , Twitch or Webb3) via their Deadfellaz PFP and connect with each other knowing they share an interest in that platform. It also provides a visual and public facing link to the utility that each token holds, so there will never be a question of which platforms we are integrated with — holders will simply check the list of wrapping options and know where they can visit as their DF.

Voxelfellaz: The Deadfellaz avatars integrated into The Sandbox can be seen here in the promo for the recent Deadfellaz Game Jam held by The Sandbox.

“Essentially, you’ll be able to transform your Deadfellaz PFP art into whatever style PFP you want, expressing yourself however you feel, while keeping current traits and supply intact. The really cool thing is that as the web3 space evolves and more worlds open up, wrapping options can expand with it, the potential is limitless”
- Betty & Psych

Tempest Studios on Twitch with the DFZ Stream Team. Using streamingfellaz, customized with the gaming prop.

It’s important to mention that this rollout has no minting or claiming costs to access each version of your ‘fella. All versions of a Deadfella travel together, so when buying or selling Deadfellaz, the access to wraps specific to that fella go with them automatically.

Pixelfellaz integration into Worldwide Webb

MVP Phase

We’re currently in alpha with MVP features, and will see continued development on the platform as we extend the ways in which our community can interact with and express themselves through their PFPs. The framework will be utilized to roll out art upgrades, rooms, brand collaborations, alternate art, further props, memes, a formalized version of the discord dressing room, guest artists and more.

Next Phase

Watch out for fortnightly updates to the platform with new features and releases. After a few months of alpha, on-chain saving will be enabled.

Pixelfellaz walking loop