Culture On-Chain: DFZ Squad to visit Seoul, Korea Blockchain Week in Partnership with Metamask.

2 min readSep 1, 2023

This September, DFZ is headed to Seoul, Korea to bring the pilot episode of ‘Culture On-Chain’ to life. This episode, produced by DFZ and sponsored by MetaMask, will focus on highlighting the positive activations and developments across the globe in the crypto/web3 space, through the lens of creators and culture-makers — telling the stories of the people utilizing blockchain and building culture on-chain for lasting legacy and positive social change.

Seoul, Korea is fast becoming a global hub for Web3, with a government-level eagerness to back blockchain tech, AI, digital creators and culture-makers. This September, we see Korea Blockchain Week, Seoul Fashion Week, and Frieze Seoul converge in one action-packed week — and we will be there to document it all.

Crypto and Web3 often get a bad rap on mainstream media, and so we want to highlight and amplify the positive stories unfolding in this space every day. These global gatherings that happen multiple times a year act as a hot-bed for networking, the start of new journeys, and opportunity for emerging artists. So much goes on in these weeks and I believe we’re lacking in content that showcases the positive to people outside the space. I want creators to see this series and recognize the real culture and value behind it all, maybe jumping in themselves and seeing where they go. We’re proud to collaborate with MetaMask to bring this to life by bringing these experiences to some of oiur favourite creators. — Betty

Our pilot title sponsor, MetaMask joins DFZ to collaborate in bringing together dynamic creators; Latasha, Jisu, Ed Balloon, JN Silva, Rekstizzy, Klara Vollstaedt and DFZ CEO, Betty. They will be joined by DFZ Head of Business Relations, Rikki Lethal — as well as a filmcrew (including the Horde’s very own multi-talented mod, Panda).

“The cultural ethos and foundational values underpinning web3 align seamlessly with our guiding principles at MetaMask, shaping our vision of the future. Our collaboration with Deadfellaz offers an exceptional avenue to manifest these ideals in a distinctive manner. By engaging with creators and builders in Seoul, we aim to underscore MetaMask’s prominent presence within the NFT space,” said Neal Gorevic, Chief Marketing Officer at Consensys.

The DFZ Squad will tour Seoul, visiting key activations, exhibitions, discovering the Web3 scene in Korea, and reflecting on their own journeys in Web3 as they discover recently released features from Metamask.

Follow along as the DFZ Squad share across socials, and look out for the pilot episode of “Culture On-Chain” a few weeks following the trip.